Free Menu for restaurants

Instant registration and tech support

Increase sales 15% more of profit with mobile menu for your business!

Once registered - which will take a couple of minutes, we will issue you all the
necessary information on how to connect your business along with personalized
tech support.

Single point of order management.

Manage your customer orders, change your order status, assign execution order
and kitchen load with a click of a mouse, from anywhere.

Menu system runs in the cloud

Intuitive navigation

Create and customize your menu, wine list, business lunch and other columns with
a single click. Use the tools provided to customize your menu options.

Intuitive administration panel will help you identify all necessary
customization options in no time.

Menu customization

Customize your menu sections, menu items, their types and categories using our
convenient interface.

The system was specifically designed to give your establishment the advantage of
effortless mobile ordering.

Flexibility and Control

Creating and removing menu items has never been easier. To remove a dish from
the offering, you don't need to reach for a pencil.

All necessary tools are available via the user-friendly interface of the
administration panel.

Very easy editing

Load pictures, add descriptions, portions, and prices in any currency. Tag menu
items for fast and convenient browsing by your guests.

A simple navigation, convenient for users of any level, will help you add or
change any menu position in seconds.

All reservation information in one place

Our system can also keep track of table reservations and business room bookings.

All information is conveniently available on a single page and is updated in
real-time, as is all other data in the system.

Table management

To create an order point (a table, a room number, or a delivery address) simply
print a QR code with a logo of your business with a click of the button in the
top right corner.

Stop list

Courses or whole categories of them can be moved to a stop-list or to special
advertisement campaigns designed to attract new customers.



All these useful functions are but one click away, accessible via our administration interface.

Use the mobile menu ordering service FOR FREE.

Leverage our simple interface for menu administration and automated ordering - a product developed together with prominent owners of restaurant businesses.
Try our mobile menu system, created with participation of expert restaurateurs, specifically to help you grow your business.

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