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Electronic Menu System

Test our DEMO for business owners and guests.

  • Demo for business owners
    This electronic menu system is more than just that. We offer completely automated order management system on the backend and 100% compatible and ready consumer product within your restaurant area or at his home, depending on your business needs. You need to register an account in order to see the business back-end demo.

    Business Backend Demo
  • Guest Menu Demo
    Your guests will explore the easy and modern designed menu system in their native language, offering instant services and products order straight at their table. While making the order the guests will be able to know the total expenses and order exactly what they want with possible discount.
    Electronic Menu Demo
    Impress your guests by offering them your menu when they arrive. Once your guest connects to your WIFI HotSpot, a well designed popup window appears offering to place his order right away.

    See HotSpot Demo


Main reasons

Cloud based menu

Instant order menu app based on cloud. Available upon visit your restaurant or hotel, no installation, works like a simple mobile web app.

Brand implementation

Our designers developed the modern and smart design for your comfort so it won't even be visible, your brand will completely cover all the front, profit menu will take care of your businesses automated order backend.


Our system is fully mobile ready project. Supports any tablets and phone for both business and customer order front.

Worldwide coverage

System is presented in all langauges. 1250+ restaurants using our web-spp to organize their customer sales growth.

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