Your app, website and automated order system in one.

Enhance your services with mobile app, website, discount system, social media and electronic menu.

Cloud Architecture

Guest's menu interface and electronic menu administration interface can be easily access from any location globally.
All data and services are locatedin Switzerland and diversified among Cloud architecture in order to provide maximum efficiency, privacy and safety of data and your business transactions.

Your brand

Our designers have enhanced the possibilities of design generator for your menu, makng it possible to use your brand logo and color pallete.Your personal designer interface is available instantly upon activation of your service of mobile menu for your bar, restaurant or a hotel.

Mobile Application

By using electronic menu your guests are also able to use your mobile web application with personal logo and brand name and install it on any device within seconds. This service is free of charge and already is included in the menu interface provided.

Global Coverage

Electronic Menu Service is available globally and currently working in over 20 different languages. Our mobile web application is available in over 30 countries for every type of restaurant business, having a goal to expand and enhance their revenue.

Live Support

Our Support Agents are ready to help you with all quesons and tasks related to automated menu system of your business.
Activation, setup and maintenance of the systm is done in real-time and support straight from the administration interface of menu service.

Own Discount System

Raise your sales figures and popularity of your business by using the discount system and special offers featured for your customers and guests, who use automated menu to place their orders.
There are different options for a discount on all items or selected exclusive menu offers that are included in the service for no extra cost.

5000+ customers

Over 5000 guests already tried to order via automated menu and left positive feedback about this service. Our approximate calculations and research show, that over 45% of all time at work the waiter spends on taking the order and discussing it with the customers.

15% increase in sales!

Increase your revenue and income by lowering the expenses and losses. Let less amount of employees to provide more efficient and fast service to your customers and overcome your competitors. Offer innovation and prepare to see more happy guests than ever.

Automated Menu Statistics

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