Increase sales. Lower the costs. Improve quality.
Allow your staff to serve few times more customers than now.
Universal Automated Menu for all mobile platforms.
Online automated menu system compatible with any device.
Automated Menu system that will fit your brand.
Improve your services: delivery, bookings and direct live orders on guest's mobile device.
Powerful management system with sharp design
Manage your automated business.

Free Ordering & Menu App for Restaurants

Discover new technology to boost your sales easy.

Secure Automated Menu
Perfectly Designed App
Easy for guests
Fits any business
  • No matter where client's business is located, the transaction premises are privately kept safe according to Swiss Laws and Privacy acts.  All automated Menu servers are located in Protected Data center premises, keeping your business safe and stable. Our SaaS ordering system is completely cloud-based, making data-loss and offline issues impossible due to server cluste structure, making automated order system provided by us the most efficient and secure service available. We guarantee the 100% safety and reliability of services provided and will make our best efforts to maintain our promises.

  • Carte is not just an app. It's a completely your own branded restaurant app for Android and iOS mobile devices plus it works on all kinds of devices without any download needed. While following your business brand and primary colors, automated menu is created exactly how you want it to look like within a few seconds after you set the preferences and provide your business logo. The automated menu interface completely follows the application or mobile device interface features, making it easy to use along with possibility to access the mobile application via QR code, a shortcut or your unique website address provided by us, that will look like:

  • The automated order system client interface supports all types of mobile and personal computer devices that have a browser and WIFI enabled. Once your guests arrive at your business location, they can access the order system easily by three possible methods: via a QR code provided at the location, by typing in the personal menu web address or simply by connecting to your hotspot. Once connected you offer your guests a choice to present themselves or to stay incognito, while providing the menu system in their native language automatically upon accessing your automated menu. The app fits the needs of international guests - our service is completely multilingual.

  • Automated Order system has been built in accordance with personal suggestions and preferences of the real life business owners involved in public services in order to simplify the development process and enhance the business owners businesses growth and presence.

    Our mobile-friendly automated menu order system can enhance all types of businesses: restaurants and bars, night clubs and hotels, online shops and services resellers. 

Electronic Menu Features

Low cost automated orders via your mobile site

Built on a Cloud

Cloud architecture has provided stability, reliability, performance and safety to menu system.

Secured in Switzerland

All system servers are hosted in Zurich. This guarantees the privacy and safety of all transactions.

App for all devices

Electronic Menu is compatible and created for all devices with a browser, based on iOS, Android, Windows

Multilingual Menu

Order menu is instantly created in multiple languages and is delivered to your guests in their native language.

Partnership with Profit

Looking for stable sales income?

  • Partnership means stability offers generous partnership in order to earn fixed monthly revenue from referral sales and connected restaurants. Becoming a partner will provide you a stable revenue of 20% off monthly sales and 100% off the initial sale for your referral. We also provide a free month trial for all of our new connected business owners, with guaranteed resale and continuation of the service contact..

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  • Support our customers and earn
    Automated Menu offer to work as a freelance menu moderators and support agents within our system to get fixed payments for any private service provided to restaurant owners in order to mantain menu positions and design, press releases and all other local support issues.

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Business timeline

History of our company in


Austria covered

Our company signed agreement with 5 Austrian restaurants to use the system.


Lithuania covered

Our company signed agrement with 25 lithuanian restaurants to use the system.


Partnership program started

We providing a partnership program for growing business. Connect with small royalty.


Trademark registered

We successfully registered our trademark in Barcelona, Spain.

02.03.2014 v2.25

System version 2.25 released with 51 functions and fixes.